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In evolutionary biology, cooperation describes interactions where an individual pays a small cost to yield a larger benefit to one or more others. If this costly contribution is reciprocated, everyone involved can benefit tremendously. This principle also applies to proactive members of the Aurora FOSS community wanting to get involved and contribute to their favorite projects. Their participation benefits not only the community members, but all users of free and open source software.

Introduction to Open Source[edit]

Code of conduct
Guidelines for an healthy open source community
Open Source Guides
How to Contribute to Open Source
Github Guides

Join the chatroom[edit]

You can help other users solve problems on our Support Discord Server. You can also join D Code Club Community or Cactus server.


We are nothing without you! The project lives of the free time of its contributors, but also of the donations from the community. Everyone is welcome to contribute to Aurora! You can do a Monthly donations on Patreon or a direct one-time donations via Paypal. Check out more here.